Mar 3, 2006

Welcome to my blog on Celtic spirituality. Most of what I know is based on Irish history, but we'll learn together and add more as time goes by.

I believe that we have a spiritual heritage left to us and that by studying the lives of ancient people we can uncover the voices that speak to us, learn the lessons they have to teach us, and hear the voice of God.

One voice I listened to is in my new book, Brigid of Ireland, released this month by Monarch Books. Click on the link for more information.


  1. hi, cindy! thanks for posting on our blog the message about your new book. congratulations! i've developed your comment into a separate posting so that people coming to the site will be sure to read about it. best of luck.

  2. I love the audio words on this blog, so we can learn the language.
    ~ Brenda