Jun 23, 2006

The Ribbon of Life

A few weeks ago I went to an author talk given by novelist Juilene Osborne-McKnight. She does a great presentation with storytelling and songs. If you're not familiar with her work, visit Her site

She spoke about the Irish belief that the boundary between the now and the everafter is not a constant. She compared it to a fluid ribbon, ever rippling in both directions.

I think it's an interesting philosophy--that we are never far from Heaven and Heaven is never far from us. And yet, because we cannot cross that line, it seems unreachable at times. But then, just when we give up ever thinking we can experience crossing that spiritual divide, something happens. A unexpected blessing, a healing, a sudden revelation about something we've been pondering. In those moments, we know. We just know. That ribbon has fluctuated and we've had a glimpse of something beyond the world we know all too well.

Have a good week!

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