Dec 22, 2008

An Irish Christmas Blessing

From Irish Culture and Customs

God bless the corners of your house and all the lintels blessed.
And bless the hearth and bless the board and bless each place of rest,
And bless each door that opens wide to strangers as to kin,
And bless each crystal window pane that lets the starlight in,
And bless the rooftop overhead and every sturdy wall.
The peace of man. The peace of God. With peace and love for all.

1 comment:

  1. The Boots are part of my finds while on tour early Dec....a favorite little shop had a garage sale....and I got them for a song...God is so very good they keep me covered, dry and warm for all all the snow we had...and I could look very sassy too!!

    Blessed New Years Cindy!!!