Jun 1, 2010

Celtic Wisdom at the Ohioana Book Festival

Last month I was invited to the Ohioana Book Festival in downtown Columbus. I had a great time and was even seated next to my friend, Brenda Nixon.

Husbands sometimes get bored at book signings, but Tom and Paul were good sports.

The gardens at the Governor's Residence. (I guess it's not cool to call it the governor's mansion anymore!)

Ohioana had a reception there after the festival for the authors and sponsors.
I was trying to get a shot of the crowd. Sorry this is not so great. The reception was held in the garden under large tents. It was freezing cold, but the food was wonderful! I ate a ton of mini crab cakes and chocolate covered strawberries. The reception was funded by private corporations--no tax dollars!

A chair seat cushion.

This is a bookcase in the study that is filled with Ohio products. I loved the large globe. A lot of people posed for their picture near it.

The carved chairs were a marvel. I learned later that they were carved by inmates at an Ohio prison.

This is the only photograph that proves we were at the governor's residence. You can see more photos at http://ohioanabookfestival.org/

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