Nov 24, 2010

Fairy Bushes

There are fairy bushes or trees growing in Ireland. That probably doesn't surprise you, I bet. If you are superstitious, you will not cut one down or disturb it in any way. These trees are using hawthorns. Apparently the folks at the Saint Patrick Centre are not superstitious because they transplanted this one in their rooftop garden. Maybe the fairies won't mind since the garden is a collection of all things Irish.

One fairy tree caused a major highway to be re-routed, which according to one report I read delayed the project by ten years. Ten years! I can't imagine why going around it took so long, but then I'm not superstitious, so....

A man named Eddie Lenihan, a storyteller who apparently believes what he preaches, objected when the road was planned because an important fairy tree was in the way. He said it was the meeting point for fairies from Munster when they are preparing to battle the fairies in Connaught. The road was moved and apparently the fairies now can enjoy the ease of travel along the nearby highway like everyone else. Hmm...wonder how the fairies in Connaught feel about that. If Lenihan was actually helping the Munster fairies out, maybe he should watch out for those Connaught fairies who might be seeking revenge.

But since this all took place eleven years ago, maybe it's all settled. So, if you thought belief in the fairies was an ancient practice, think again!

We took the photograph below while we were driving somewhere in the vicinity of the Antrim coast in the north. Obviously these farmers went to a lot of trouble to stay clear of this tree!

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