Dec 6, 2010

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Today is St. Nicholas Day. Nikolaos of Myra, in modern day Turkey, died on this date in
346. He had a reputation of secret gift-giving, and thus evolved the legends we celebrate today. In Britain he is called Father Christmas.

Some believe the remains of Nikolaos--St. Nicholas--are buired near a ruined abbey in Ireland. During the Crusades saints remains were often carried into battle and thus transported all over the place. That could be what happened here. The remains are said to have been moved from Italy in the 12th century. There is a slab with the image of a bishop carved on it, along with two Crucaders, and it is here where it is believed St. Nicholas was buried, or reburied, in 1200AD, in a placed called Newtown Jerpoint near St.Nicolas Cathedral in Kilkenny, which still stands.
Jerpoint Abbey, near the possible sight of the remains of St. Nicholas.


  1. A joyous feast day to you, Cindy!

  2. Love Jerpoint Abbey. One of my fave places.