Jan 31, 2011

St. Brigid's Eve

It's the eve of St. Brigid's Day! There won't be any gathering of reeds to weave crosses where I live. There's snow on the ground, and tomorrow it sounds like there will be snow, ice, and freezing rain. How about where you live?

No one around here thinks spring is coming very soon, but that's what St. Brigid's Day is suppose to bring in Ireland. I'll blog more about the day tomorrow. I have to prepare!

I'll be teaching some folks in Dublin (OH) how to weave St. Brigid's crosses in March. The easiest way to teach the technique that I found is using pipe cleaners. You won't get an authentic looking reed cross, but you'll learn how so you can move on to other materials.

At the Dayton Celtic Festival they use strips of wood that they soak in a bucket--like you would if you were weaving a basket. I used cattails once. It worked nicely but fell apart when it dried. I know you can use straw with good results.

Here are some good directions on how to weave a St. Brigid cross.

The crosses were woven every year on St. Brigid's Day and a new one was placed over the door of the house or the barn for good luck and protection. In some areas the old ones were taken down and you could find several stuffed in the rafters!

There were other traditions associated with this day. Come back tomorrow to hear more!
And find out why the feast of St. Brigid is also called Candlemas.


  1. Along with my family, I will be weaving a Saint Brigid's cross this evening out of wheat. I purchased the cleaned and stripped wheat several weeks ago from Dale Scott at www.wheatweaving.com She also sells Saint Brigid crosses that she weaves herself...

    Last year on this day I posted a video of weaving my own cross of wheat. What fun. Here's a link for your readers if they're looking for more tutorials. :) http://janegmeyer.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/fifth-century-weaving-a-saint-brigids-cross/


  2. I watched the video last year, Jane. Everyone should check it out! And also Jane's children's book, The Life of Saint Brigid!