Mar 16, 2011

Cooking a St. Patrick's Day Feast

Are you making anything special? I'll be making this Guinness Irish Stew again this year. The photo on this recipe is mine, but I did not post the recipe itself. You are supposed to marinate the beef overnight so if you want to make it, start today!

I'll also be making Irish soda bread. Tom's work is having a St. Patrick's Day lunch carry-in, and he's bringing Irish soda bread. Someone else is bringing lasagne! Well, whatever!

Here's a recipe for soda bread I like. Yep, that's my photo again.

You could also make scones. We ate a lot of scones when were in Ireland. We had some that looked liked these:

And others that looked like these:
12 Mixed Scones - Raisin, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon, Cranberry - Click Image to Close
I got these photos from the Internet. Haven't found a favorite recipe yet. But looking at these is making me hungry!

Of course, don't forget the Irish tea, and if you like, Guinness or Smithwick's.
Corned beef and cabbage? Well, if you must, but not for me. I've never been a fan.

I really should make Shepherd's Pie soon. I rarely get it out because the mashed potatoes are made with milk and I don't tolerate milk well. I make my own with soy. But how hard can it be? You might try it if you haven't.

What about an Irish fry? (Or in Northern Ireland, an Ulster Fry.) You have to eat it once while in Ireland, but I couldn't eat that way every morning. But still, so good! (I skip the black pudding.) Here's a recipe.

Of course, there is fish and chips. The Irish eat a lot of that. We had some while we were there but of course it's not a dish that is foreign to Americans. But fish and chips is an authentic Irish meal! I'm sure St. Patrick must have eaten some, don't you think? (I know, potatoes don't date that far back in Ireland, but surely he had some fried fish.)

My sister makes a whiskey cake for St. Patrick's Day. I haven't tried it yet, though. She lives in Tucson and I live in Ohio. But one day!

Do you have any favorites to share?


  1. Cindy, these sound delicious. I'm tempted to try some of them. I have a question. Why do they call the dish "blood pudding"? I know it's not made w/blood, I think. ???


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  3. Uh, yeah, Carole:

  4. Mmmmh....delicious! I simply love scones and the Guinness Stew sounds gorgeous.
    Have a lovely Saint Patrick's Day!