May 23, 2011

Festival Time!

A great way to learn about Irish and Celtic culture is to attend a festival. Where I live there are several within driving distance. Music is certainly what draws most people. You can also watch dancing, hear storytellers, learn about genealogy and all aspects of the culture. Some have crafts, children's games, sheep herding, Highland games, and lots of shopping. Some are free, most have reasonable admission, and all have food! Usually you find some variation of Irish beef stew, potato leek soup, and fish and chips. Most have beer as well, but the one I was at last Saturday was an exception in that respect.

Lots of fun, that's for sure. The Lancaster Celtic Gathering is small, and still in its infancy, but the organizers do a fabulous job of trying to find out what people would like and bring it to them. Lots of interesting people stopped by table. I met a lady who likes to write but lacks motivation to finish to what she's started. She's been an avid journal writer for years. I met someone who was interested in learning more about St. Brigid, a couple who thought they'd missed St. Brigid's grave in Ireland because it wasn't marked. I was able to tell to them they'd seen it--it's the same grave as St. Patrick! I met lots of history buffs, a man who talked about baseball but then opted to purchase Brigid of Ireland instead of Three Finger, and a little girl who asked her mom to buy Brigid of Ireland for her, and she did! I'm not sure about her reading level, but maybe she's really advanced! Her mom had her read the back cover to see if she'd be interested and she was. Love seeing the faces of my readers because I rarely get to!

Do you see where I'm going with this? The best part of the festivals is the people! I love that folks who are interested in Irish and Celtic culture gather together to share and have a good time.

Gaelic Storm appears at many of the larger Irish festivals.
If you haven't been to an Irish festival, check out this site for some suggestions. IRISH FESTIVALS BY LOCATION.

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