Jul 15, 2011

What Celtic Christians Believe

CCS- a discussion group for modern Celtic Christians and those seeking the Celtic Way of Spirituality for their personal lives. A way to make what was old, new again in your own life!

Below is a statement of beliefs from the Celtic Christian Spirituality Group. The site can be found here and you should drop by and drop in on the conversations. Sharing is encouraged, preaching is not. This is a loving group of people that I enjoy hanging out with (virtually) from time to time.

We believe:

· in one God who is Creator of all things. He is infinitely perfect and eternally existing in three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Triune God.
· That Jesus, His Son, came to earth to offer Himself as a sacrifice so that we may have access to His Father.
· That the Holy Spirit is present throughout all Creation and that He indwells and empowers those who seek to live by His power
· That He reveals Himself in His creation, both mankind and the natural world and that He has given us stewardship and responsibility for both.
· That Scripture is God’s revealed Holy Word and by it we may be guided in matters of faith and conduct and we must study it to show ourselves approved.
· That the power of His Holy Spirit extends beyond the natural realm. That power is available to those He chooses to use for His purposes.
· That He loves us and desires that we live in harmony with Him, each other and all of His creation.
· That, while our humanity is bent toward selfishness, God created our natures to be good. Sin is a choice we make that takes us away from fellowship with God.
· That God’s love for us provides us with sufficient grace to restore ourselves back into harmony with Him.
· That, while ritual can be used to establish a relationship with God, it should never replace that relationship.
· That God is genderless yet He created us male and female for His own purposes. He delights equally in His creations and appreciates the ministry of both. 
· That it is our responsibility to spend time with Him in fellowship and worship. As such we are to seek out quiet times and places in order to accomplish this.
· That His church is ‘without walls’ and worship should be performed there as often as is possible.
· That it is God’s desire to counsel us through His Spirit but that He will also provide an Anam Chara, in whom we may confide, as part of that fellowship.
· That it is God’s design that we live simply so that we may focus on Him and the work He has given us to do.
· That, while He loves us dearly for our own sake, He desires us to bring the message of His love to all who draw breath in this world. He would not suffer any of His creation not to have the opportunity to come into harmony with Him.

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