Aug 15, 2011

River of Life

Moya Brenn
Some thoughts today on the Celtic view of rivers and flowing water. Pre-Christianity, the Celts named their rivers for goddesses because they were life-giving, like a mother. The image of God's spirit flowing like a river is, in my opinion, a powerful one. If you think of God like a river, instead of a far-off deity that we hope to see one day in heaven, you get the idea that He is present in our lives. And if you think of traveling in that river, going where it takes you, your whole view of life can change.

Like the air we breathe, that river is vital. We cannot exist without it. We cannot exist without God. He made us, the Creator of all.

Sometimes I struggle to find the words I'm reaching for. If you are not a writer, you may not understand that. If you are a writer, you undoubtably do. I'm struggling today, so I'll pause and let the River of Life flow over me, and I know, in due time, I'll be refreshed.

Today I'll listen, watch, observe, and seek to hear God's voice. Well, really I need to do that every day.

Just some thoughts...

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