Sep 19, 2011

An Irish Painter

Francis S. Walker06Francis S. Walker was an Irish painter born in County Meath in 1848. He studied art in London and remained there for most of his life but never lost his fondness for his birth land. Some of his most moving paintings are of the common Irish life as he disregarded the turmoil and poverty that existed in his lifetime.

According to Wikipedia, he was the son of a workhouse master, which considering that he was born during the Great Famine, was fortunate for him. He was one of the privileged Irish. Yet many of his paintings are hauntingly and simply beautiful, don't you think?

Francis S. Walker02 I have a book of his paintings that I just recently pulled out to study. There are books available online that you can explore as well. But I doubt the computer screen or even the pages of a published book can adequately show the beauty of these paintings. I'll have to see them some day for myself at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin or perhaps in London's British Museum. His paintings have been sold at auction and reproductions have been made, but all I have right now is a book and Wikipedia.

Francis S. Walker10

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