Nov 8, 2011

Five Thoughts For You From Celtic Wisdom

"The first book of Scripture all monks learned--and, it logically follows, the first that all Irish Christians learned--was the book of Psalms. Memorizing the Psalter was their primary task, and every moment spent cooking, praying, walking, building, or engaging in any routine task involved the verse being spoken, often in song or chant." p. 65

"A country's knowledge is in its language, mythology, and mountains."--Old Irish saying, p. 65

[Speaking of The Book of Kells] "The illustrations themselves show influences from various regions in the world, indicating that the monks either travelled or interacted with traders." p. 69

"Brigid was born to Dubthach, a man of some wealth who owned a dairy, and his slave girl, Broicsech. Dubthach's wife was none too happy and urged him to send the pregnant thrall far way. He sold her to a druid but did not sell the unborn child. Shrewd as he was, he listened to advisors and would not part with two slaves for the price of one. When the child was old enough, she returned to Dubthach's household." p. 25-26
(Read my fictionalized version of Brigid's story in Brigid of Ireland.)

"For it is not by path of feet, nor by motion of body, that one draws nigh to God, but it is through practice of good customs and virtues." FROM THE LIFE OF ST COLUMBA (LEABHAR BREAC) p. 45

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