Nov 30, 2011

It's Not Too Late!

This is my ornament on my tree,
but you could have one
just like it!
I probably won't get around to sending out my monthly newsletter for a few days. Every subscriber will be entered to win this Celtic ornament, plus (and I've only so far mentioned this here) I'll offer subscribers a second chance to win another one of these ornaments when the newsletter comes out. You'll have to subscribe though to learn how. It's easy, just go to and click on "Subscribe to my newsletter." If you're already subscribed, you'll be entered.

*If you have any trouble with the link (a few people have) do one of two things: leave your email in a comment here or try opening the page in another web browser and see if that works. But if you give me your email, I can get you subscribed.

Also in the newsletter you'll about new releases and get some tidbits and links to other information you might like but I announce it on other social media sites.

Hope to see you on the list.

Also, don't forget that you can discuss Celtic interests with others (not just me) on our Facebook Group: Celtic Voices.

Now I'm going back to my cave to finish my novel as my deadline approaches!


  1. I have subscribed!
    WOooooo. I would love to have this ornament for our tree!
    Love it on your tree and would like to have one just like it since I am half-Irish!

  2. I have also subscribed, it would be great to have an authentic Irish ornament on our tree. I am not Irish but I have always loved the Celtic and Irish culture.