Dec 21, 2011

From the Songwriter

I came across this original song posted on YouTube. It's just beautiful. I've posted the words to the song below the video. I could not find the songwriter's name, but here is a link to her YouTube page. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

As I went out walking in the snow
Under cold and silver moonlight
I thought I heard an angel's voice
Singing, "Silent, holy night."
But the song was not from an angel choir
Nor from the moonlit sky.
It was nearer than my beating heart
And softer than a sigh
And softer than a sigh

As I went out walking in the greenwood
On a grey and cloudy day
I listened for the voice again
To hear what it might say
And then again a song I heard
As I paused to hold my breath
But the song I heard was an ancient dirge
Its story told of death
Its story told of death.

As I went out walking on city streets
All tempest tossed with care
Above the sound of the busy town
I heard the sweetest air.
I heard the bells with their tale to tell
Of a child in a manger laid
Who through His birth brought peace to earth
And by His death would save
And by His death would save.

The bells rang out for all to hear
Still the anxious crowd hurried by
Those who listened well could hear the bells
And the story they did cry.
But none lingered long to hear the song
Oh, there was only I
To hear the sound of my beating heart
That was softer than a sigh
It was softer than a sigh.

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