Feb 16, 2012

How Ireland Inspires

I was sharing some of my photos from Ireland with someone and it occurred to me that I still have many I haven't shared with you. So today I'm offering a few of them along with some words from the Carmina Gadelica. If you'd like to use any of these photographs, please just ask.

Be inspired!

O GOD, who broughtst me from the rest of last night
Unto the joyous light of this day,

Be Thou bringing me from the new light of this day
Unto the guiding light of eternity.

     Oh! from the new light of this day

     Unto the guiding light of eternity.


  1. Wow - these photos are stunning! And you did a great job choosing the captions. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Niecey ~ Chosen Storyteller
    aka Denise Willoughby

    1. Thanks, Denise. Glad you enjoyed them.