Apr 20, 2012

5 Things I Miss About Ireland

1. Green. Need I say more? It's pretty green right now in Ohio, but not this green! The color of the grass lifts your spirits, and it's everywhere from the middle of the city of Dublin to the sheep pastures, to the edges of the shoreline.

2. Ruins. Castles, monasteries, wells, high crosses, stones of all sorts really... I'm a history buff and ancients things interest me. Sure, we have ancient things in Ohio, but I've already seen most of them. How long would it take to see all the high crosses in Ireland, I wonder...

3. Cathedrals. Yeah, for the history, but also because they are so magnificent, even the smaller ones. And I know for sure I haven't seen most of them yet, so I NEED to go back and visit more.

4. The museums. Mostly FREE! I would love to spend many more hours in Ireland's museums, both in the North and in the Republic. Definitely on my next to-see list.

5. The towns. We have small towns in Ohio, of course, and I love those. But visiting a small midwestern American town is not quite the same experience as stopping in at a small town Irish pub, buying snacks at a teeny, wee grocery store (shop, I guess it would be), and circling around trying to find a car park where you won't get a ticket...and just looking around. I'm going to cheat a little and add the people to this. They live in the towns, so...We have some friends there and of course we miss them, but we also miss the friendliness you can count on most anywhere you go.

No, in case you're wondering, there are not ONLY five things I miss about Ireland. There are more. I'll have to share a list again, if you're interested! What about you? What do you miss? If you've never been, what do would you most like to see in Ireland? I bet our lists cross.


  1. 1. The greenish hills
    2. The feeling that you can almost touch the sky
    3. The colours
    4. The ruins
    5. The people