May 1, 2012

5 Things To Do To Celebrate Beltane

May Flowers on the Doorknob
Photo by AlyssssylA
It's May 1, the Celtic festival of Beltane, May Day, and in Ireland the first day of summer (in theory, anyway. I hear it's damp and dismal today in Ireland.) There are traditional ways to celebrate: dance around a May pole, make a basket of flowers and leave it anonymously on your neighbor's door....But who does that?

So, how do you celebrate? Here are five ideas for you:

1. Why not leave your May Day basket for someone who will truly appreciate it? If that really is your neighbor, great. But what about a nursing home? The overworked nurses at a hospital? Use your imagination.

2. It's the end of winter! Get in touch with your ancient roots and build your own version of a bonfire. Invite that neighbor.

3. The American version of this festival? Go to a baseball game. What says summer better than baseball?

4. It's also International Worker's Day. In the US we recognize workers on Labor Day in September, but for other countries, May 1 is the day. To recognize this day, you could go back to #1 or you could do as these folks are doing, but I'd recommend showing appreciation instead.

5. Finally, it's Tuesday, a workday. Most people, I'm guessing, are not going to take the time to plan a May Day celebration. But you can still celebrate. Cut some spring flowers and bring them inside. Eat your lunch outside today (weather permitting.) Send a card, make a phone call, let someone know you appreciate them. As a matter of fact, you can celebrate this way every day. Appreciate the weather, good or bad, and give thanks that you've been given another day to make a difference. :)

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