Jun 5, 2012

My Novel Images

Are you a visual person? I am. I've collected some photographs to inspire me while I work on the Ellis Island Series. Most of them I printed off websites to keep in a folder. But I saved a few on my computer and thought you might like this glimpse into New York City, circa 1900.

This photo shows some Italian immigrants. Book Two in the series features Italians. These women were apparently excellent bakers. My character loves to cook. (Yep, Italian. Can't ignore the food!)

This is an incredibly sharp photograph taken of immigrants in Battery Park. I can just see my characters as they leave the ferry to go the immigrant aide society that will help them get settled in America.

This photograph comes from Thresholdgirl's blog. It is a photograph of a woman named Elizabeth Fair, who was Douglas MacArthur's first cousin and this blogger's husband's great aunt. But, I could not help but think when I looked at this woman's face, that it was really Annie Gallagher, the main character in Book Three of the Ellis Island Series. Petite, red head, Irish, determined in a quiet sort of way--can you see it? (I also felt bad for this woman because I could only imagine how uncomfortable she was in that corset. Or at least I think she was uncomfortable. That's my modern mind coming into play.)

The male protagonist in Book One is Owen McNulty. He's a policeman. Not this policeman, but this could be his captain.

 For Book Two I've been researching shoe factories from this time period because my main character works at one. I found these fabulous photographs for inspiration. The bottom one is not Sofia Falcone, however, the character in my book. Nothing against this young lady, but my Sofia has darker hair is much more attractive. (Although the girl in this photograph would look prettier with a smile. I guess she didn't love her job.)

That's it for now. Thanks for taking this walk back in time with me!


  1. I am a visual person too.Thanks for taking us on your walk very interesting love the photos. Enjoy your week....


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Saundra. Love your photographs too!

  2. These are wonderful...love them..