Jul 24, 2012

Five DYK's from my novel research

Did you know...

1. Immigrant aide societies used to send an agent to the docks or onto Ellis Island to fetch young Irish girls who came to America totally unprepared. They probably saved many young girls from falling into a life of prostitution.

2. In 1900 the mail was delivered twice a day in NYC.

3. In the original Wizard of Oz book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, Dorothy did not have ruby slippers. That was added with the film. In the book Dorothy's slippers were silver. The book, published in 1900, is in the public domain so you can get it online for free or on your e-reader. It's not quite the same as the movie.

4. There was a musical stage adaptation of the Wizard of Oz just two years after the book was published.

5. In 1900 Irish immigrants were not required to have passports. Many other immigrants from other European countries were required to have them, but not the Irish at that time.

(There are so many other things I've learned as well. I'll share them in the future if you're interested.)

I'm collecting photos to inspire me as I work on the Ellis Island series. You can find them here: http://pinterest.com/cindyswriting/ideas-for-my-ellis-island-series/

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