Jul 3, 2012

Six Reasons to be Proud of Being Irish American

1. U.S. Presidents share your heritage.
     I've lost count. But Wikipedia has the number close to twenty.

2. You come from a long line of survivors.
     Thinking about it: political oppression, the Great Famine, immigration, "no Irish need apply."
     Truly Irish Americans are among the most resilient people on earth.
Photo by Stephen Rapp

3. Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett were of Irish heritage.
     (I'm lumping Scots-Irish with the Irish, by the way.) Where would this country be without them?   Still on the east coast? (I could list more famous Irish Americans, but then this post would never end. So, on to reason four!)

4. When I think of the Irish, I think of a proud people. 
     Sure, Ireland has had its ups and downs politically and economically. Many have left the country     seeking opportunity. Yes, that's an understatement. There are more Irish in the world than there are in Ireland. But they always appear (to me, anyway) to think of Ireland as home. Even many generations removed. (By the way, Ireland is planning a homecoming for 2013. Are you going?) Americans are also a proud people. Sure, there are jerks who burn flags, but most Americans fly them.
5. Music.
     I don't play, but I listen. The Irish and Scottish who came to America are responsible for bluegrass, country, and the birth of many of today's musical styles. Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs are credited with inventing bluegrass. Monroe once said, "It's got a hard drive to it. It's Scotch bagpipes and old time fiddlin'. It's Methodist and Holiness and Baptist. It's blues and jazz and it has a high lonesome sound. It's plain music that tells a good story. It's played from my heart to your heart, and it will touch you."

6. Finally, be proud because the Irish have deep spiritual roots, which are a part of your heritage.


  1. I love the Irish, I believe they are some of the toughest people, they have been through so much and yet they were never broken!

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