Aug 26, 2012

Prayer Walking the Celtic Way

Photo by Cindy Thomson. May not be reused without permission.

Are you familiar with the concept of prayer walking? According to Wikipedia,  "A prayer walk is an activity that consists in walking and praying at the same time[1]. It's done not for the physical benefit but for the spiritual exercise..."

Surely the Celts invented this, don't you think? All you have to do is read the Carmina Gadelica to find numerous examples.

Like this:

Traversing corries, traversing forests,
Traversing valleys long and wild.
The fair white Mary still uphold me,
The Shepherd Jesu be my shield,
The fair white Mary still uphold me,
The Shepherd Jesu be my shield.

And this:

COME I this day to the Father,
Come I this day to the Son,
Come I to the Holy Spirit powerful;
Come I this day with God,
Come I this day with Christ,
Come I with the Spirit of kindly balm,
God, and Spirit, and Jesus,
From the crown of my head
To the soles of my feet;
Come I with my reputation,
Come I with my testimony,
Come I to Thee, Jesu--
     Jesu, shelter me.

These prayers were often chanted while walking, either on a pilgrimage up a mountain, in circles around a holy well, or just doing daily chores.

I'd like to do more of this myself. What about you?

May green be the grass you walk on, 
May blue be the skies above you, 
May pure be the joys that surround you, 
May true be the hearts that love you. 

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