Aug 19, 2012

Thinking About Dreams

light from heaven
Photo by Cornelia Kopp
Two years ago on this day I woke up after having what I thought at the time was an odd dream. I dreamt about my oldest sister. I had no reason to be dreaming about her. I'd seen her about a month earlier after her granddaughter spent a few days with me. My sister had struggled with obesity all her life. In my dream, she was thin, walking without any difficulty, and extremely happy. She was beautiful.

When I woke up I thought the dream was so odd that I immediately told my husband about it. Late that evening I got a call from my father. My sister had passed away suddenly without warning.

And I knew.

God was showing me my sister in Heaven. No physical impairment. Beautiful. So happy.

I believe God speaks to us in dreams sometimes. Not every time. Some of my dreams are just plain wacky, like forgetting to wear pants when I go out in public. Know what I mean? But then there are special dreams, like this.

Dreams are in the Bible, and it's clear God uses them to communicate sometimes. Who could forget Joseph's dreams and his ability to interpret dreams? The ancient Celts believed dreams were significant as well. I've blogged about St. Patrick's dream and St. Enda's dream, one of my most popular posts on this blog.

I cherish this dream about my sister. It brought me great comfort. I'd love to hear about your significant dreams. Care to share them here?

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