Sep 21, 2012

Picturing Those Celtic Voices

I love old photographs, especially those that reveal expression on the faces of the subjects. They certainly spark story ideas.
Fish Hawkers from Claddagh
Fish hawkers from the Claddagh. Photo:  Fergal of Claddagh

Claddagh Woman
Photo:  Fergal of Claddagh

What do you think about the woman above? I'd wagger that she's not as old as she appears. Lots of labor in the sun has wrinkled her, and she probably had a hard life. The picture is c. 1900, Galway. She's descended from Famine survivors or perhaps lived through it herself. I wonder if she's just about to say something to the photographer.

Níl aon tinteán
Photo: Fergal of Claddagh

Isn't the photo above thought-provoking? There are so many things here to think about. What are they going to sing? Is this a family? Is the gentleman on the left just visiting? (He has on his coat and hat.) Look at the dirt floor, the wicker chair. The man on the right and the girl looking at each other.

All the photographs above came from the same flickr photostream. There are more there you'll want to see.

Oh how I love this shot below. It's dated about 1910. Do you think this boy's sister is jealous, or what?

My first book in the Ellis Island Series features the Brownie camera, 1900-1901. Don't you think a snapshot speaks volumes?

Brownie camera were around for decades. My family had this one:

brownie camera

Do you have any photographs of some Irish faces you'd like to share? Send them to me and I'll share therm here.

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