Oct 6, 2012

Why Do I Long for Ireland?

Warning: this is going to sound sappy. I'm whining. I'm lamenting. I'm recovering from foot surgery...

Yes, I knew before I ever went to Ireland that I'd want to return, planned on it, even. But little did I know the emotions that would rise up every time someone on Facebook or Twitter posted a photograph or I walked past those amazing calendars in the mall or I heard some Irish music. Sometimes I want to yell, "Stop it! Stop dangling donuts in front of me I'm not able to reach." (Or maybe scones, but you get the idea!)

Can I explain this? Not really. Maybe someone can help me. I feel completely homesick at times, and I've only ever been there once!

I believe I dreamt about Ireland when I was girl. For a time it was a reoccurring dream, and I didn't know much about Ireland back then so it was much later that I realized what it was. I dreamt about a barn that was partially built into a green hill. The grass was so incredibly green. I had been in the country as a girl. I knew the place I dreamt about was very different. But, I thought then, it was just a dream.

I like where I live. I don't intend to move to Ireland. I'm a proud American and I believe I'm blessed to live in the greatest country in the world. I love the trees surrounding my home, and in October there is nothing more beautiful. But if I could travel to Ireland a couple times a year, I'd be a much happier camper.

Okay. That's the end of my whining. I'll never buy one of those calendars in the mall, though. Last year I made my own. Maybe the best therapy is to get to work on a 2013 calendar using my photographs.


  1. I know this feeling well Cindy. Whilst living in London for many years, I wrote...'I am wrapped up in longing for my own people, my own place...'I never found a way to get over the feeling. I learned only to embrace it and find a way to negotiate with it.

  2. I completely understand, having just completed my third trip and having purchased tix for the fourth. It calls to me too. :)

  3. Oh, and sorry for all those photos... :)

    1. Oops! Seriously, someone else's photograph set me off today, but not complaining, not really. Love your photographs. Don't stop.

  4. I've never been to Ireland and I still long for it. There's something so ethereal about the sights and the language and music, I suppose.