Nov 22, 2012

Blessings on Your Home This Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

To recognize this day, I thought I would share a few sayings and blessings from my book, Celtic Wisdom, Treasures From Ireland.

Many Irish hang a St. Brigid's cross over their fireplace and say a blessing like this over it.

May the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost be on this cross and on the place where it hangs and on everyone who looks on it.~Old Irish Blessing (p. 34)

What kinds of traditions does your family practice and pass down?

For it is not by path of feet, nor by motion of body, that one draws nigh to God, but it is through practice of good customs and virtues.  From the Life of St. Columba (Leabhar Breac) (p. 45)

Have you made your home a "home sweet home?"

A man will not be found where he lives, but rather where he loves. ~Old Irish Saying (p. 63)

Cherish your family times. Give hugs. Laugh. Count your blessings.

As he brought new faith to Ireland so may he bring to you, a touch of Irish happiness in everything you do; and like the good St. Patrick may your home and life be blessed, with all God's special favours which make you happiest. ~Old Irish Blessing (p. 23)

fake Irish cottage
Photo by jodimarr

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