Dec 12, 2012

Yes, You Can Learn Irish, Virginia!

I have a unique opportunity to offer you, thanks to the folks at Bitesize Irish Gaelic. You'll find their special offer at the end of the post. Jennifer at Bitesize wrote the following information, and while she said I could edit it, I'm leaving it in her words because they sound so wonderfully Irish (even in English!)

So, if you've ever wanted to speak Irish, here's a great way to learn!

Have you ever wanted to learn the language of your Irish ancestors but haven't been able to find a program that works?
Bitesize Irish Gaelic is an Irish online language-learning company who have created a lesson plan tailored to suit your needs. All of the lessons are broken down into small pieces so that you can understand the language as you are learning it, as well as making it completely achievable. 
You can even sign-up for a free trial on their website at 
They've recently released an album called "Learn Irish With Eoin" where you can learn the Irish language on-the-go. It is an mp3 download-only album available on iTunes and contains everything you need to spark up a conversation in Irish Gaelic.
The album is a new way to learn the language and it is recorded by Eoin - a native Irish speaker who explains the concepts to you in English. 
The album is just over 2 hours long and there are 16 tracks in total, including:
The two words you need to start a conversation in Irish
Count from 1 to 10
Say where you are from
Everyday phrases for Irish (Gaelic) conversation 
"Learn Irish With Eoin" is available on iTunes and makes the perfect gift this Christmas.

So, here's your chance to learn for FREE!

Bitesize Irish Gaelic have given me a copy of the album to give away. All you have to do is comment underneath this blog post with the phrase ‘IrishGaelic’ along with your email ID to be in with a chance to win. The competition ends on Friday 21st December so make sure you're in to win.


  1. Irish Gaelic is what I want to learn some of before I travel to Ireland this next year. Thanks for this opportunity. crmcc at setel dot com

  2. OK! I'll bite! I know a few Irish Gaelic speakers myself. :) jamie dot chavez at comcast dot net!

  3. I would love this chance to learn a wee bit o' IrishGaelic!
    dnmatthews at gmail dot com

  4. With a name like mine and being half-Irish I need to learn to add to lilting laughter!! IrishGaelic for me, please! Kathleen

  5. I would like to learn this language, even though it seems rather daunting at times. My undergrad major was Spanish, which is a rather easy language to master, I think.