Oct 19, 2015

Two Celtic Novels in Progress

I've been woefully neglecting this blog, but I hope to be changing that. I am in the progress of launching Sofia's Tune, but after that I have two projects I'm excited about. Since both are set in ancient Ireland, I thought readers of this blog would be interested in hearing a little more about them.

The Next Novel

Who remembers Brigid of Ireland? Can you believe this book will be ten years old next spring? It went out of print a couple of years ago so with the rights back I launched an ebook version with a new cover.

And then I thought about that old manuscript sitting in my computer files doing nothing. It's a follow up to Brigid. At one point it had serious interest from a publisher, but then the publisher changed its focus, which no longer included books like this one. My agent thought that a Christian allegory/fantasy would be too hard to find a home for. So, I decided to bring it out myself because I know Brigid still has fans out there. (I kind of promised a young girl at last summer's Dublin Irish Festival that I would have it available.) The book is written, I've found an editor, and I'm just going through it one more time before I send it to her. My cover designer is also on board, so that book (untitled) should be available in 2016! I may need help with the title. Stay posted!

I'm excited about it because even though I loved writing The Ellis Island Series, I could feel the passion I had for this story as I re-read it. I can't wait to bring it out to readers.

If you've read Brigid, you may remember that early in the story she helps a young girl escape an abusive father. The girl has leprosy and is healed during their flight. The new story opens with this girl, Aine, who is now a grown woman, escaping again. She has a stolen a precious book with powers and she is seeking Brigid, the one she believes has the power to protect them both. Remember Ardan, the bad guy banished to a distant island? He's back too and seeks revenge. However, God has Ardan on his radar and Ardan cannot figure out who has targeted him.

Second Celtic Novel in Progress

And after that? I'm working on a story based on legends surrounding Columcille's mother. There are three patron saints of Ireland: Brigid, Patrick, and Columcille. That's all I'll say for now. More to come!

What do you think? Are you interested?

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