Jan 8, 2008

Celtic Wisdom

I found this in THE BOOK OF CELTIC WISDOM by Michael Scott, which has special meaning to those of us who write:

Words have a magical power.
They can raise up the spirits or dash them down.
They can bring laughter as easily as tears.
Spend words like a miser counting coins.
Make each word count.

Jan 1, 2008

Thoughts on Winter

What do you think about winter? Perhaps because it’s a new year, you’re making resolutions, organizing, exercising more. Or perhaps you find winter depressing, cold, lonely. Or maybe you think about winter this way:

Winter is a time of rest. The natural world rests and stores up energy for a new growth season. A fresh snowfall makes everything look new and clean. Colder weather forces us inside, closer together, with time to talk and share warm meals. In warmer climates, weather also brings rest from tourism and the crazy holiday schedule.

In today’s world, we tend to forget about rest. The invention of electricity meant work could continue all hours of the night. Our schedules stay full, and workloads often increase as people get back to their routines after the holidays (mine included.) But the truth is, God planned a time of rest for us. Darkness (something we have more of this time of year) is an indication that we should rest and restore ourselves. I’m going to try to remember that this winter. The cold, the snow, the long nights—all gifts to remind us that we need to take time to slow down, reflect, relax, and regenerate. And while you’re doing that, take time to look at the world in its wintertime beauty.

(This is one of the bluebirds that has been visiting me lately!)