Nov 30, 2008

Share Your Favorite Christmas Tradition!

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Please share your favorite Christmas tradition in the comments section.

Okay, maybe you have more than one. Just pick one...or two...or whatever you'd like.

From my earliest memory until my own kids were teenagers, we cut our own Christmas tree. We don't do that anymore, and maybe using an artificial one is more environmentally friendly. Teddy Roosevelt felt it was. Did you know he is the only US President to ban the use of a live Christmas tree at the White House? (According to at least one web site.) Anyway, when my dad was stationed in Anchorage, Alaska, we used to go to the state park to cut our tree--it was free!! I remember one year complaining bitterly that the snow was too deep and I couldn't walk. I was told to pipe down. The snow wasn't really that deep. I couldn't make my mother, my father, or any of my three sisters understand. Maybe it wasn't that deep for them, but I was only three (or maybe four) and it was a lot deeper to my short legs!!

Your turn. Share your favorite memory or tradition!