Jun 10, 2013

Museum Would Give a Home to Celtic Voices

Not this blog, but the voices I write about. Seriously, have you heard about this?


A museum where the stories could be told. This is so right up my alley, so much where my passion is. And probably yours, if you're reading this.

The goal of the Irish American Museum of Washington, D.C., is to become a major cultural institution that will bring Irish-American history to life for visitors of all ages, from all ethnic, racial, and cultural back- grounds. The museum will initially be housed in temporary gallery space; ultimately, the plan is for a prestigious establishment that will provide future generations of Irish-Americans a sense of their history.

And speaking of the stories, have you heard that Grace's Pictures is now available? There is a very good summary along with some review blurbs on my publisher's blog here.

So, what do you think about a museum like this in the city of museums??