Sep 23, 2013

An Irish Storyteller

I'm researching Irish storytellers and found this. I love it! Thought you would, too!

Sep 20, 2013

Sean Nos--Old Style Singing

Several years ago I got to know Mike O'Laughlin from the Irish Roots Cafe. Mike publishes Irish genealogy books and resources, and he's a wealth of information. His podcasts are always interesting as well.

But lately Mike's taken up a hobby, Sean-nós, or old style Irish singing. I love that style, especially done in English so I can understand the words (although the melodies are lovely) because the songs tell stories, and you know...I'm all about stories!

Have a listen and tell me what you think!

Sep 10, 2013

High Crosses at Clonmacnoise

I would love to have seen what these looked like originally, but thankfully there is enough preserved that we can get an idea. At Clonmacnoise the original high crosses from the site were placed inside the visitor's center in 1991 for safe keeping. Replicas (and pretty good ones, in my unprofessional opinion) have replaced them outside in their original spots. The showpiece is the Cross of the Scriptures. The title is self-explanatory.

Soldiers guarding the tomb of Christ, the arrest of Christ, Flagellation and in the centre of the ring the Crucifixion. This cross is decorated with figure sculpture on all four sides. The Cross of the Scriptures was mentioned twice in the annals of the Four Masters, first in 957 and later in 1060. ~Megalithic Ireland
Photos are from my April 2013 visit.

So, what do you think they would have looked like new?
Like this?
Or maybe this?