Jun 14, 2006

Monasterboice ©Cindy Thomson
Celtic, Irish, Scottish?

I've had people ask me what Celtic means. I've heard people call anything Irish or Scottish Celtic. I think there are many misconceptions about what connotates Celtic and that includes defining Celtic Christianity or Celtic Spirituality.

The truth is, the Celts were a race of people that moved through western Europe and into Ireland in ancient times. Their influence is left all over Ireland and Great Britian. More about the history of the Celts can be found here: http://snipurl.com/rrzl

For my purposes, I'll define Celtic as what most people think of as Celtic: the influence of Irish, Scottish, and Welsh cultures.

I apologize for not having much content lately, but that will change. Stay tuned for discussions on Celtic spirituality in books, news, and opinions (yours and mine.)

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