Sep 1, 2006

Music for the Soul

photo via creative commons by Scots Music

Last week I talked about Malachy McCourt's History of Ireland. As luck would have it, he was in the news recently. Seems he's running for New York Governor on the Green Party ticket, even though he admits he won't win. See the article.

Today I thought I'd chat a little about Celtic spirituality and how it is expressed in Celtic music. Many people feel a spiritual connection while listening to music. Celtic music definitely stirs the soul, don't you think? In ancient times, bards or poets, normally in possession of a harp, were respected and sometimes even feared for the messages they brought.

If you visit and click on "Irish Links" you'll find some of my favorite groups. I'm constantly adding to the list, but as far as stirring the spirit, Jeff Johnson and John Doan are at the top of my list. Both have written music from their hearts in response to the old Irish tales and legends. I love that. I recently received an autographed copy of Doan's Eire, Isle of the Saints, A Celtic Odyssey. John wrote: "To Cindy, with stories in song. All the best! John Doan." I added it to my iTunes list that I play while I'm writing. It's awesome.

Stories, songs. Songs, stories. A declaration of what our spirits long to express.

Have you ever heard Contemporary Christian Celtic music? One CD I have and listen to to be uplifted and to worship God is Revial in Belfast by Robin Mark.

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