Jul 21, 2010


Another reason that the Celts never focused on the creation of the world might be seen in the fact that they were more concerned with what happened at a place, the human history of it, rather than how the landscape came to be.

The Irish bards memorized and recited many stories, among them what is called Dindshenchas, the tradition or lore of places. Early Irish manuscripts recount the origin of place names in poems, and this was certainly copied down from oral traditions. This knowledge was a type of storytelling map, guiding people from physical place to place based on what happened there in the past, or at least the legend of what happened there. An example from a poem about Tara:

Thenceforward it was called Druim Cain,
the hill whither chieftains used to go,
until Crofhind the chaste came,
the daughter of all-famous Allod.

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  1. This stuff is so fascinating. Thanks for sharing.