Sep 17, 2010


I think birds are fascinating creatures, and apparently the ancient Celts did as well. That's why I've included the symbolism of a raven in a novel I'm currently working on.

To the ancient Celts, the raven was a bird of war, a bad omen, even demonic. The Irish druids used the raven for prophecy and tried to interpret the sound of their cries. Try your hand it if you'd like with the video below.

I don't know if I agree completely with the ancient Celts, but I do believe that God can use anything to send a message. Still, all that He has made (and he made these birds) is good. I do like the subtle symbolism, though. Stop, listen, and see what the natural world might reveal to you.

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  1. Oh, I love ravens. ..and crows. I think they're the comedians of the avian world. I'm not sure if it was a raven, or perhaps there is a species of bird called, "blackbirds", but the story of St. Kevin comes to mind when thinking of these birds.