Nov 26, 2010

What Do You See?

Let's have fun here. Here's a shot I took in a town in Ireland. Sorry, I can't remember where. Could have been Bushmills, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I noticed a few unique things in this picture. What do you see? If you've been to Ireland before, is there anything you notice here that is a bit unusual?

Not everything is unique in this picture. What do you see here that is typical of Ireland?

Anything surprise you? I hope you'll all play along. I'll add my observations later. But I bet someone will notice something that I didn't!


  1. a cow in the street is probably not quite so unusual in Ireland, nor is parking the car differently to the rest of the cars. I do find that the state of the cars is a little unusual from when I visited 20yrs ago. Lots of times, I saw cars that I would have considered unroadworthy. These cars look quite new.

    The sign for a CCTV is a little unusual, though.

  2. Great observations, Marie! Yes, most all the cars we saw were fairly new.

  3. It looks like the building on the left (of the photo) recently (well, who knows, really) had a second floor added, as you can see the outline of the original one-story building on the side. Also, I can see two different license plates; you were in Northern Ireland, which is a part of the United Kingdom, and that would be the yellow plate; the white plate is from ...I don't know where. Not the Republic of Ireland, though their plates are white, because they would have a year (2 digits), a letter (for the country), and then the rest of the number (10D 406, for example, would be the 406th car registered in Co. Dublin in 2010). The window boxes are typical of Ireland and England. The second-story window that is cracked open in the middle is also very typical of Ireland. That actually looks like a fake cow, btw; they were done some years ago for a charity thing. The chimneys are all very typical, also all the wires running along the outside of the buildings. :(

  4. Well I was going to say the sign for a CCTV but I see Marie has already said that. The fish sign is kinda strange Fishing,camping,Shooting. I'm assuming that its and outdoors store?