Apr 20, 2011

More About Round Towers

In my last post I talked about the round tower in Antrim. Here is some more information on that tower.

Round towers are really interesting. They are so......well, tall for one thing. You can't exactly overlook them. Since they've been standing in Ireland for a thousand years or more, people have been puzzling over them for a long time. Most people today believe they were part of monasteries and held bells. They were also repositories for cherished possessions and books. The reason the doors were so high is so that a ladder could be pulled up and enemies would have trouble getting in.

Round tower at Monasterboice

I saw this video and just had to share it. The film makers are trying to find and explain the round tower imitations. The towers are anywhere from 70 to 200 years old, but they aren't ancient. However, what happens when he tries to get pictures of the second tower is really funny. Be sure to watch the whole thing.

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