Jun 6, 2011

Celtic Myths--Literally

I'm not talking about the fanciful legends that have been passed down, retold, and reinvented. I'm talking about a more modern occurrence. I was recently at a Celtic event and I heard a vendor telling a young girl about his ring. He said that the Celtic people spoke different languages and had trouble communicating so they used what was on his ring. I couldn't see the ring, so I was imagining what he might be talking about. I thought perhaps he had ogham marks on his ring. Then he said what he was wearing was a wedding ring and the design was called an eternity knot.

What? I was scratching my head. Where did he get that from?

You've probably seen this design. Tom and I have similar wedding rings. Below is a sample. You can click on the picture to go to this jeweler's web site.

The truth is, no one can know for certain what the ancient people saw in these designs. We can only speculate, or add our own interpretations so that the designs have meaning for us personally. But to tell someone that the Celtic peoples used the knots so that they could understand each other? That's a modern legend.

Have you heard any of these modern legends? Do tell!

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