Jan 14, 2011

An Old Irish Poem

This comes from The Religious Songs of Connacht by Douglas Hyde (1860-1949, the first president of Ireland and the founder of the Gaelic League.) He complied old songs and poems collected from the people in Ireland.

The Graces of the Holy Ghost
May the grace of the Holy Ghost be gained by us,
And the true Faith be kept unstained by us,
While we follow the path of the saints, endeavouring
To walk in the temple of Christ unwavering.
And may we seek the eternal Trinity
Trusting in Christ and in Christ’s divinity,
Helping the poor and relieving them
Walking with God and receiving them.
Devils that tempt us, still repelling them.
All our faults to the Church confessing them.
Fighting with all that wounds, with energy,
Ceasing from lies and evil calumny.
Let us not mix with strife and devilry,
Fall we to prayer instead of revelry,
Thanking the Lord for all his graciousness.
Throwing aside our evil way from  us.