Feb 4, 2011

Christ Church in Dublin

At the end of our trip to Ireland last October, my father passed away. I think that is the reason I took very few pictures in Dublin. We were fortunate that Patrick Comerford met us and gave a tour of Christ Church in Dublin. We enjoyed it very much, but had no pictures. But fortunately, others have been there and took pictures and posted them on the Internet. Below is slide show of Christ Church someone posted on YouTube. It moves quickly. Just a few things I want to point out. The memorials--something you find a lot of in these churches--were at some point all moved down below to the crypt. So when you see those statues (with the exception of Strongbow--the figure lying down) know that they are below the catherdral. That means the catherdral is less cluttered and more beautiful.

And toward the end of the slideshow there is the mummified cat. I'm so glad I can show it to you! Patrick told us that there was some problem with the pipe organ (not sure when; I'd have to research that) and they found the cat and rat who died stuck in the chase and flee mode. He says it's very popular with the kids!

So, enjoy!

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