May 13, 2011

Trinity College

Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, was founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592 (the charter was granted in December 1591.) Dublin donated the grounds, the site of the ruined monastery, All Hallows, which had been founded in 1166 by Dermot MacMurrough (a most interesting character that I will have to blog more about someday.)

Rubrics at Trinity College. I think it's now a dorm.
The oldest building still standing on the campus is called Rubrics and dates from the early 1700s. The original buildings are long gone.

The library at Trinity College is a must see stop on any tour of Ireland. Most people are interested in seeing The Book of Kells, as I was. But there is so much more not to be missed. I was disappointed that I could not take photographs inside the library. It’s an amazingly beautiful place. You can see for yourself on the Web.

So much of Ireland’s history is ancient so it’s a little unexpected to find the buildings at Ireland’s oldest college are more modern. That does not make them any less interesting, however, as you can tell from my pictures. I wish I had taken more. I will next time!
Statue of Edmund Burke in front of Trinity College

This is a picture of the library that I borrowed from somewhere on the Internet. If you know where, let me know and I'll attribute it properly.

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