Jul 11, 2011

Irish Authors

From County Sligo comes a site you'll want to check out. I was delighted to hear from Jho Harris at www.podcasts.ie who introduced me to some Irish authors. At the site you can listen to some podcast interviews.

You can find the writers here: http://www.podcasts.ie/featured-writers/

Later in August I'll be featuring one of the authors on my historical fiction blog, Favorite PASTimes. I'm currently reading Kate Kerrigan's Ellis Island, and loving it.

But there are many other pages to check out as well, such as Musicians. (You can even listen to Tommy Sands sing here.)

Myths and Legends can be heard here.

There is much, much, more. Be prepared to spend a lot of time and really enjoy the podcasts. Let me know what you find there!

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