Aug 10, 2015

Festival Time!

I love a good Irish festival. Music, food, cultural activities...

But mostly I'm in the authors' tent, meeting readers and talking to book lovers. I really look forward to it.

The Dublin Irish Festival

One of the largest in the world, and it's in my backyard! I go every year, whether I'm signing books or not.

A couple of highlights for me as an author:

Speaking on a panel with some awesome authors.

Meeting readers.

Here I'm signing a copy of Celtic Wisdom, which sold out at the festival. The book is out of print and I sold my remaining copies. I'm looking into making this material available again in another format.

By the way, I promised a young reader that next year I'd have the sequel to Brigid of Ireland out. So I'm committed now!

Speaking about the Single Irish Woman Immigrant

My talk was at the very end of the festival. I literally closed up the Irish Traditions Tent! There were more people here than you can see in this picture, and I was very blessed by the attentive listeners and thoughtful questions.

Just being there!

Next year I plan to add the Pittsburgh Irish Festival to my schedule. Do you have a favorite?