Jul 14, 2006

Book selling

I know that this blog is about Celtic Spirituality, but I'm going to diverge today. (Hey, it's my blog.)

I just returned from the International Christian Retail Show in Denver, CO. It was great fun and educational to see what new books are coming out. My husband was searching for books for "seekers"--those who are looking for spiritual fulfillment and haven't found it in the church so far. What he found was mostly for the churched. It occurred to him that a seeker will likely not pick up a non fiction book, but fiction? There are real possibilities there.

At any rate, I signed copies of Brigid of Ireland
and gave away about 100 copies to book sellers and industry professionals. That's what I'm doing in the photo. I also got to meet some friends (some of whom I'd only met by e-mail before) and the staff of my publisher. Actually, two publishers: Monarch is in the UK and they acquired my book. Kregel works with Monarch to distribute here in the US and in Canada.

One thing that amazed me was the number of foreign countries represented. I think it was something like 60. Everywhere we went we heard people speaking in other languages. Surely some of the seekers are outside of the US. I truly hope they found some of what they need to spread God's message to the people in their respective countries.

There is a lot of deal making going on during these conventions. As an author it's amazing to sitting by and watch people with their laptops and notebooks open, pens scribbling, while others are talking on cell phones and consulting their Blackberries.

Through all this, people came to my signing and thanked me for writing my book. Can you imagine?

Next week I'll continue the discussion on Celtic Spirituality. But maybe this post wasn't completely unrelated. After all, the ancient Irish monks were only successful because the world was seeking something. Something better than what they already knew. Now, that's an interesting concept. Are we really that different because we use electronic technology and they used what they had? Today, as in the past, we use story and music to communicate. That's what this convention offered.

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