Jul 7, 2006

Spiritual vs Secular

©Cindy Thomson

I've been reading Every Earthly Blessing, Rediscovering the Celtic Tradition by Esther De Waal. She says that the Celtic tradition does not distinguish between the spiritual and the secular world. This is unlike the Puritan tradition found in English and American religion, according to De Waal.

I wonder how differently we would treat each other if we viewed everything as spiritual. I'm not an environmentalist (at least not a tree hugger kind of person), but what if we saw God in creation, both human and in the natural world, realized that His hand is in everything? What if we viewed our own bodies as a creation of God rather than as just our own property?

In America, society seems to want separation of everything spiritual--put it aside, keep it inside a church building. Can we separate what is spiritual from what we think is not? Or did the Celts have it right? Is there no separation?

Hopefully, by next week I'll have the book finished and comment some more.

Until then, view life with your heart!


  1. I think that this aspect of Celtic Christian faith is so profound.

  2. In the Shinto religion as well, anything that inspires awe is a manifestation of the holy. I think the Celts have it right.

    I just happen to be weraing my Celtic cross earrings today too!