May 7, 2010

The Celtic Way

photo via creative commons by Lauren C
For the Celts, both Christian and pagan, what was most important was how their experience of a greater spiritual power related to life around them. This was their heritage. Some have said that this enthusiasm for living a spiritual life in Christ was very near to what the first Christians, those Christ-followers who worshipped Jesus immediately after his death and resurrection, experienced. There is certainly no such thing as a pure religion because religion is the work of people. But many have chosen the Celtic way because it speaks to them like no other.

Author Esther De Waal sums up the need for exploring the Celtic way this way, “…life is seen in its wholeness—and it is something that most people in the West today have forgotten…the gift of the Celtic world is to renew that lost vision.”


  1. That is an incredible picture. I just want to walk barefooted and have the grass between my toes and wind of the breeze through my wavy hair.
    Have you seen the new Christian Historical Fiction site?

  2. It's very inviting, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by CB MJ!