Aug 11, 2010

Another Irish Poet

Patrick Kavanagh, born 1904 in Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan. He worked on the family farm until he moved to Dublin in 1939. He began his publishing career around that time but most of his well known poetry is from the 1950's and '60s. The photograph is a statue of Kavanagh in a park Dublin, Ireland. Below is a similar one taken in Downtown Disney in Orlando, FL.


They laughed at one I loved-

The triangular hill that hung

Under the Big Forth. They said

That I was bounded by the whitethorn hedges

Of the little farm and did not know the world.

But I knew that love's doorway to life

Is the same doorway everywhere.

Ashamed of what I loved

I flung her from me and called her a ditch

Although she was smiling at me with violets.

But now I am back in her briary arms

The dew of an Indian Summer lies

On bleached potato-stalks

What age am I?

I do not know what age I am,

I am no mortal age;

I know nothing of women, Nothing of cities,

I cannot die Unless I walk outside these whitethorn hedges.


  1. He also wrote the poem on which the song On Raglan Road is based...Luke Kelly, Mary Black, many others have recorded

  2. Yes, and that's actually the name of the restaurant in Orlando where the picture was taken.