Aug 31, 2010


From: Encyclopedia of Irish Spirituality, Phyllis G. Jestice

"Family relations were the most important stabilizing element in early Irish society. Irish law recognized kindred obligations that extended through four generations..."

Families can be unstable, of course. They can provide stress, and often emotions run high in families. So it is with mine. But my family also grounds me. Who knows me better besides God?

My sister Regena, Me, Regena's daughter Michelle, 1979.

I lost my oldest sister on August 19, unexpectedly. When that happens to you, you start thinking again about family and want to strengthen your ties. How many times have you been to a funeral and heard someone say: "We should get together in happier times. We only see each other now at funerals."

But really, that's not a bad thing. When do you need each other more than during a time of grief.

Hug, write notes, make phone calls, pay a visit. You'll be glad you did, trust me.

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