Mar 31, 2011

Irish Food

During the week of St. Patrick's Day I blogged about Irish food. I have to say that before I went, I held the belief a lot of people seem to hold--that Ireland is not known for its food. But I was wrong! I completely agree with this video, especially about the freshness and quality of its food. We asked at one restaurant why the hamburgers were so tasty. The waiter said, "Because we know where our beef comes from. We buy from local farmers and it's grass fed."

Just the other day someone made a remark to my husband about Irish food not being so great. Well, he hasn't been there!


  1. Oh my gosh, I SO agree! From the humblest B&B or pub grub to the meals I've had in high-end restaurants -- YUM! And the plates come out HOT (why the server is using a towel to carry it!), the servings are large.... Oh, you've just made me homesick! I had a Guinness stew (beef) in a pub in Lahinch that literally made me weep it was so good. In Kinvara also a beef stew with a bowl of boiled potatoes served on the SIDE (try it); the potatoes had FLAVOR like I didn't know potatoes could have, and all they were was boiled. That meal also included a brown bread so wonderful that I begged them to sell me the rest of the loaf (they did, and we carried around on the rest of the trip, rationing it!); the breads are DIVINE. And even though I know the South may revoke my status as a Born and Bred Official Southern Gal when I say this, the best friend chicken I have EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH I had in a pub in the west of Ireland. There was a turf fire burning, it was the day Johnny Cash had died, and when the pub's patrons heard my accent, they insisted on a singalong that went on for quite some time. It was magic.

  2. They also have different laws than we do: on Achill Island (think: lamb) we at in an incredible restaurant that was physically attached to a butchery where the lamb was dressed. That is, right next door. That was also a stunning meal, including the vegetables. And let's not forget that each butcher has his own recipe for the black and white "puddings" (sausage) served at breakfast. I cannot get enough white pudding; Gerry's Dublin butcher's in particular. Aaargh.